Friday, 11 April 2014

A New Addiction

Oh dear making these "Patchwork of the Crosses" blocks is so much fun and 
so many people have opted into it with me at the shop that we have had to 
order more copies of the book and more template sets.

But first back to hexies - I am still trying to make several each week.

These two are really quite pretty - I hope they fit in with the others.
Let's see.

I might get away with the pink one but the blue I am not so sure about.
But here is a second opinion!

Now to those 'jolly' crosses. The challenge of making these 
is so much greater. You have so many more options for 'fussy cutting'
and placement.

The book is so good at inspiring you as it has close-ups of several blocks
to get you. started. There are just so many places where you can 'fussy cut' and change the look
of the block with the placement of lights, darks as well as the 'fussy cut' honeycombs.

Hence another addiction - I was going to make a few blocks but now I have
bought the 8 metres of background fabric needed for the whole quilt!!!!
There are fifty six blocks making a quilt measuring 88" by 99".

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  1. A great photo of all your hexies together Robyn. They look wonderful. I love your cross block and I can see it would be easy to get addicted.