Friday, 17 August 2012

Shopping at Fabric-a-Brac

Today was the first Fabric-a-Brac event in Auckland. This is an established event that raises funds for the Hospices. It has been going in Wellington for several years. It has stall holders selling pre-loved fabric.

I went off looking original 1930s fabrics like these already in my collection.

I didn't find any old ones but I did find some 1930s reproduction fabrics that will sit very nicely with the old ones. I fee a new tangent coming on!!!

I hope they have another one - it was a great event - all sorts of treasures to be had.


  1. Oh looks like you you had fun!

  2. Hi Robyn,
    Thanks so much for the class yesterday. I bought the fabric I used in my quilt at Fabric-a-brac. Wasn't it a great event! I loved the cafe as well; mis-matched bone china cups and saucers. lovely little cakes and all served on an individual tray. Very lady-like.