Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Vietnamese Embroidery

Hi there from Hanoi - today we took a day trip out to the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hoa Lu. 
The highlight was a  trip in sampan up the Tam Coc river. We went through some amazing limestone caves on the two hour trip. 

And as we are fast learning the Vietnamese never miss an opportunity for a sale - on the way back out came  the local embroideries, table cloths, T-shirts, etc for sale. I was pretty easily persuaded to buy a couple of hand long stitch embroideries on black fabric made by local women.

I am sure I can feel a quilt of some shape coming on with a collection of these put together with 
our Shot Cottons from the shop or maybe some silk I get here - who knows.

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  1. Just gorgeous Robyn. Hope you get to Ha Long bay (not sure of my spelling) Looking forward to.more postings!