Wednesday 3 April 2019

52er Quilt - Woad and Linen

This 52er quilt has a French theme.
I have been collecting bits and pieces in these blues from Vintage Markets, 
etc for several years and I am really enjoying putting 
them on these little 5" (finished) blocks.

These cute little flowers were 'fussy' cut from a fabric I have in the shop.
Then fused in place and embroidered over

A piece of tatting that I collected at some stage and have appliqued on.

A piece of embroidery from an old linen tray cover.
It was quite marked in places but for this project I could easily cut around those bits.
I so love re-purposing these old pieces.

This fabric was part of my Taupe Woven range.
I took at fat quarter of it to an indigo dyeing workshop I did and turned it from 
cream to blue. The grid pattern was part of the original weave.

Have fun creating. I will be back in a month with more.

Indigo 52er Quilt

These are the four blocks for April.
If you have missed the previous months scroll down to find them.

All my fabrics are old traditional Japanese fabrics that I have collected over 
the years in Japan. 

This was a special piece that I just sashiko stitch outlined.

One of favourite motifs the Tsuru (Crane)

A piece of really old and worn fabric left as is. 
I just ironed on some black lawn fabric to stabilize it.
You can see the wear lines down severl of the stripes.

Then I went off on a circle theme.
Watch for more.

Friday 8 March 2019

52er - Woad and Linen - March

I seem to have gone a bit flowery this month.
I do often get on as roll with one design idea and build on it.

These flowers are based on a circle of wool.

Flowerpot with French Knot flowers

Leaves created from one of my quilting stencils

Flowers with button centres

52er - Indigo March

This month starts with some simple rows of sashiko stitching with
thread slightly darker than the fabric.

Now onto some simple Hitomezashi as I was teaching this class 
and some extra samples were handy.

Hitomezashi is a variation on sashiko.
With it the stitches are allowed to touch and create a geometric pattern.
I love the addition of two colours into this work.

More Hitomezashi but not all the block is stitched.

See you soon for April blocks

February 52er - Woad Blue and Linen

These are my February Woad and Linen blocks.
Sorry I seemed to forget to post them last month

This is 'fussy cut' from a French General fabric and appliqued.
Running stitch outline.

Bonjour was embroidered on a piece of ribbon and appliqued on.
Stem stitch word with running stitch outlining the ribbon.

Rooster - one of the National Emblems in France
Stem stitched

A piece of tatting that I picked up at an vintage fair at some stage.
I have been collecting anything I find in this woad blue colour for several years.
Inspired by French General Woad fabrics.

Happy stitching

Saturday 2 February 2019

My February 52er Quilt Blocks

These are the next two sets of blocks for my 52er Quilts.
First the indigo collection. This month there are some easy ones that focus mostly on fussy cutting fabrics from your stash and adding some simple sashiko or stitching..
Try to look for a fabric other than indigo that will break up the 'blue' 
look - eg: terracotta red, cream or tans are traditional and I always 
love them with indigo.

I have been collecting all sorts of bits and pieces of fabrics on my trips to Japan.
This block is Katazome. The design has been transfer as a stencil with rice 
flour resist and then it has been dyed with persimmon juice.
Have a look through your stash to find a print that you would like  to fussy cut
and decide where you can add a few French Knots or other stitches.

This was more digging into the stash to find a motif I could cut out and applique 
onto by background piece.  Then I did a running stitch around the motif a French 
Knot in the middle and some long stitches to emphasis the stamen. 
Your fabric will lend itself to ideas. 

The background looked a bit plain so I added some random crosses.

More fussy cutting from the same scrap of fabric with some sashiko stitching.
An uneven number of lines is always good.

This time fussy cutting from a striped fabric and simple sashiko stitching up 
some of the lines.

Don't forget to send through some photos for me to add to the Blog.
Send them to    

Back next month with the next set. 
Happy stitching.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Patchwork Passion 52er

You might like to join us in a new project for 2019.

"Patchwork Passion 52er"

Make one block every week for a year
Use indigo fabrics or any other colour theme of your choice

Cut your backgrounds 5½” square
Finished squares will be 5”

Finished quilt 30” by 45”
6 blocks across
9 blocks down
54 blocks in total
First and last are blank

I am doing two of these - one from my old indigo collection

And one in Woad Blue and Linen

Each week or month I will post my new blocks for each project to give you ideas
when you have a block, but hopefully you will have fun raiding your stash 
of bits and pieces and creating your own.

First indigo one - a subtle sashiko cherry blossom

This is as great one for when your week is too busy - a fussy cut piece of fabric

A piece of Indian Block Printed fabric fussy cut with some sashiko stitching added
Look for fabrics that you can fussy cut

A simple pieced block with a frayed edge patch and some sashiko stitching

Now for the Woad Blue and Linen set

A piece cut off an old doily - age spots and all.
I stitched down all the edges.

Three motifs from my stash with embroidered stems and leaves, 
appliqued on and then a line of blue back stitch with 4 strands of embroidery 
thread around each centre oval.

A fussy cut piece of fabric

An old piece of linen that I dyed blue - love the fancy edging.
The embroidered lavender plants - back stitch stems and 
Lazy Daisy flowers

Don't forget to send me your favourite blocks so they can be added to the Blog.-
someone each month will receive a goody to add to their quilt.

I will work a month ahead so you ideas for each month is advance.

Back soon